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Private Colombian Rum Tasting New
Private Colombian Rum Tasting
Sample a selection of the best Colombian rums in Cartagena. Meet one of the top bartenders in the city and an expert...
Closed-door Gastronomic Experience Sale
Closed-door Gastronomic Experience
$156.00USD $170.00USD
This Gastronomic Experience in Cartagena begins in the Cevicheria restaurant, home to chef Jorge Escandon, who was Anthony Bourdain’s host during...
Coffee Roasting and Tasting at Café Del Mural
Colombia is known worldwide for having the best coffee and if you are planning your trip to Cartagena take advantage...
Street Food Tour Sale
Street Food Tour
$30.00USD $33.00USD
Try the taste of the real Cartagena during this tour of the street food carts in the centre of the...
Bazurto Local Market Tour Sale
Bazurto Local Market Tour
$27.00USD $29.00USD
Book a unique local experience in Cartagena and discover the fascinating Bazurto Market. Taste exotic fruits and live the culture that make this place a...

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