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Cartagena City Tour Sale
Cartagena City Tour
$34.00 USD $45.00 USD
This Cartagena city tour is perfect for anyone wanting to explore the beautiful city of Cartagena in a different and...
Scuba Diving In Baru - Cartagena
$124.00 USD
Go diving in the crystal clear waters of Baru and explore the incredible underwater world of Colombia’s caribbean coast only...
Rosario Islands day trip - Pedro Majagua
$79.00 USD
Spend a day in the exclusive Pedro Majagua hotel on this day tour to Rosario Islands on a boat trip...
Tour to Palenque: The Other History Of Cartagena Sale
Tour to Palenque: The Other History Of Cartagena
$49.00 USD $99.00 USD
Tour from Cartagena to San Basilio de Palenque and discover the lifestyle of the first free town in America, a...
Private Street Food Tour
$45.00 USD
Try the taste of the real Cartagena during this tour of the street food carts in the centre of the...
Private boat rental to Islas del Rosario
$499.00 USD
Leave Cartagena on a sailing adventure by renting a private boat in Cartagena with a group of your friends or...
Bazurto local Market Experience
$49.00 USD
Follow a local deep into the bustling chaos of the Bazurto local Market. Taste exotic fruits and live the local...
Playa Blanca Barú Day Trip
$29.00 USD
Spend a full day in the tropical Playa Blanca in Baru during this beach day tour leaving from Cartagena. Take...
Mangrove Fishing Tour In La Boquilla
$59.00 USD
Do you know how to catch crabs or maneuver a fishing net? Try out an authentic experience outside of the...
Stand-up Paddle at Sunset in Cartagena
$31.00 USD
Watch the stunning sunset on a Stand Up Paddle board with neon lights and you will see how the sea...

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