Private Coffee Roasting and tasting
Colombia is known worldwide for having the best coffee and if you are planning your trip to Cartagena take advantage of this opportunity to try a mini course of coffee roasting and learn about one of the most consumed drink...
Cartagena Street Food Tour
Explore the food culture of Cartagena as a local guide takes you around the vibrant districts of Matuna and walled city.  Get off the usual tourist path to experience the buzz of the visit the food stalls where locals eat...
Bazurto local market tour
Follow a local deep into the bustling chaos of the Bazurto local Market. Taste exotic fruits and live the local culture that make this place a synonym for Caribbean life! The true traveler knows that the essence of a city...
Closed-door Gastronomic Experience
Ever wish you could go on a No Reservations-style food tour of a new city? In Cartagena it’s possible. Meet Jorge Escandon—chef and owner on La Cevicheria restaurant, and the guy who led Anthony Bourdain on an enviable caribbean culinary...
Ultimate Rum Tasting Experience in Cartagena
Sample a selection of the best Colombian rums in Cartagena. Meet one of the top bartenders in the city and an expert in the world of rums who owns the largest colombian rum collection. Set in the bohemian neighborhood of...
Artisanal Ice-Cream Workshop New
Artisanal Ice-Cream Workshop
Ice cream enthusiasts and history buffs, let's celebrate with a unique and incredible experience! Are you curious about how people used to make ice cream without electricity in the olden days? Learn how Paila ice cream is made and take...

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