Where to Brunch in Cartagena

Best brunch in Cartagena

Ruben Sanchez

After a night of salsa dancing at Havana or Donde Fidel, brunch inevitably calls. Fortunately, Cartagena has quite the selection of wake up-worthy spots. Whether it’s arepas de huevo that you seek or good-old-fashioned pancakes drowning in syrup with a side of bottomless mimosas, here are 9 can’t-go-wrong places to brunch in Cartagena.

Ely Cafe

Nestled outside the Walled City of Cartagena in Bocagrande neighborhood, Ely Cafe is actually the original Cartagena brunch spot. Serving everything you’d expect from a brunch outing (yes, there are mimosas!), this all-day bakery with a French-farmhouse ambiance has a full menu of traditional Colombian fare, freshly baked breads, and a tempting dessert display that may have you breaking some cardinal breakfast rules. Cake for breakfast? Yes, that is a real possibility at Ely.

    • Brunch from 8am Monday - Sunday
Bocagrande, Cl. 7 #2-50

Best brunch in Cartagena

La Brioche

La Brioche found its way onto this list because it’s one of my personal favorites. Between their assortment of French pastries and their full menu of Colombian and European-inspired breakfast and brunch fare, it may take you a little while to pick just one dish. My go-to: the Tipico, a plate of deviled eggs, arepas de queso, salchicha Antioqueño, and queso Cartagena.

  • Brunch from 8am daily

Two Locations:
Centro, Calle San Agustín Chiquita No. 6-14
Bocagrande, Cra. 2da. - Ave. San Martín No. 9-124

Best Brunch in Cartagena

Café Época

If it’s all about the quality of the coffee at brunch-time, then Café Época should be at the top of your list. Besides a menu full of brunch favorites like made-to-order eggs and avocado toast, their specialty coffee selection will transport you to the coffee farms of Colombia if you let it.

  • Brunch from 9am daily

Centro, Calle de Arzopispado, Carrera 5 No. 34-52

Best Brunch in Cartagena

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EL Barón

The best bar in Cartagena just so happens to serve brunch—and a damn good one at that. Available only weekends from 10am to 3pm, the sweeping menu ranges from runny eggs cooked in rustic tomato sauce, roasted peppers and garlic, green sprouts, country bread to toasted bagel with sesame seeds, cream cheese, local honey. Bottomless cocktails, plus the regular of the bar’s best cocktails.

Best brunch in Cartagena


Caffé Lunatico

Bottomless mimosas, Instagram-worthy breakfast plates… it’s no wonder Café Lunatico has a reputation for being one of Cartagena’s best places to brunch. Located on a quiet street in Getsemaní, this café restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, though not much of it with just enough space to seat 30 brunch-goers maximum. Your best bet is to make a reservation or visit on a weekday.

    • Brunch 11am-3pm daily

Getsemaní - Av. El Pedregal # 29 -225
Best brunch in Cartagena

Crepes & Waffles

For reasons I’m still trying to figure out, Cartagena has a plethora of French-inspired cuisine and Crepes & Waffles is a prime example of that. This Colombian chain favorite has a novel of a menu with pages of salty and sweet crepes and waffles to choose from. And if you dine late enough, that scoop of ice cream from their dessert bar post-brunch might just be acceptable.

  • Sunday Brunch from 10am

Two Locations:
Centro, Plaza de San Pedro, Carrera 4 No. 31-24 
Bocagrande, Carrera 2 No. 8-250

Best Brunch in Cartagena


Not all brunch needs to feel like you’re competing in the Binge-Drinking Olympics. Sometimes, a poached, farm-fresh egg served over crusty sourdough bread smothered in smashed avocado (the Smashed Avo) and a cold-brewed coffee is all you need to feel like you’re winning at brunch. Going for gold? Order a side of Egg Arepa with hot sauce & local sour cream for the table (or yourself).

  • Monday to Sunday Brunch 08am-1pm

Getsemani, Frente al parque Centenario

Best brunch in Cartagena

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