Best Cafes With WiFi as Strong as Coffee in Cartagena

Best Cafes with WiFi as strong as Coffee in Cartagena

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Coffee shop. Cafe. Caffeinated workplace. Whatever you want to call it, coffee shops are a vital part of life for many people. They help you fuel up while simultaneously winding down. It’s important to know, especially when traveling, the best place to go for a delicious cup of coffee, and especially while traveling in Colombia, a country known for their delicious coffee beans. In Cartagena, coffee shops are a great place to cool off, soak up the air conditioning and grab a delicious cup o’ joe. Here are some of the best coffee shops that Cartagena has to offer.


Epoca Cafe

Epoca Cafe, located on Calle de Arzobispado, in the walled center of Cartagena, offers a unique coffee drinking experience. Epoca collaborates with eight local coffee farms to supply their cafe with the delicious beans Cartageneros and tourists alike have grown to love. They roast their coffee beans in house, which not only fills the cafe with the delicious aroma of fresh coffee, but also gives visitors the option to take home their own batch of freshly roasted coffee beans. Not only do they offer delicious coffee options, but they present a delicious brunch menu ranging from avocado toast to arepa de huevo, a Cartagena must-try. Also, the fun doesn’t stop with coffee and brunch. Epoca Cafe offers a delicious nighttime cocktail menu as well, open until 10PM everyday.

Ábaco Libros y Café

Ábaco Cafe and Bookstore, located on the corners of Calles de la Iglesia y Mantilla in Cartagena’s center, is more than just a cafe. They offer drinks ranging from lattes and cold brew coffees to delicious juices and limonada de coco, a Cartagena favorite. They have a great selection of delicious breads and cakes as well. When you walk in, you will notice a different atmosphere than any other cafe in Cartagena. The walls are lined with books from all different eras and genres. They offer books in both Spanish and English. The vibe is relaxed and chill and perfect for meeting a friend or spending some time working in the quiet. Ábaco is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and spend the afternoon getting lost in a great book.

Stepping Stone

You may have heard a rumor that Australians are coffee snobs... that rumor is an actual fact! Three Australians opened this cafe in the colorful Getsemaní neighborhood as a stepping stone for local disadvantaged youth, offering young workers opportunities to train social and technical skills. offers delicious simple coffees and breakfasts. The wifi in the cafe is strong and makes getting work done easy. The environment is quiet and friendly and a great place to set up shop for a day of work or to relax and read a book. Stepping Stone is located on Calle San Andres in the central neighborhood of Getsemani.


Beiyú is another great café with excellent coffee and Wifi, plus a deliciously healthy menu with light meal options for vegetarians. They focus on the slow flood concept. Besides having good Wifi, it also has several electrical power points in easy to use places in case you need to charge your devices while you’re there. This café prides itself in being more than just a place to enjoy their delicious coffee. Try their cappuccino, it is probably the best one in Cartagena! Beiyú is located in calle Guerrero, between Plaza de la Trinidad and calle Media Luna.

Boundless Mezcal Cafe

The coffee is locally grown and roasted, the baristas are friendly (we even met a girl from Iowa!), and the the coffee menu is traditional. The simplicity of it feels so luxurious, though. The cafe is also more than a coffee shop, and has a full bar, light food menu and often has live music. It’s really a delightful spot to start your day or recharge after a hot day. Some people are tapping away on their MacBooks working on their blogs, some are sharing a muffin for breakfast with their espresso, while others are just sitting, taking a moment to enjoy their day. It’s nice. And while the cafe was not very crowded in the mornings (people drink their coffee much later here), we’d occasionally be joined by a few other coffee drinkers who sometimes jokingly (and incorrectly) accused us of working too hard on vacation. Of course, the small cafe also has bar seating and a cozy living room area with comfy couches and chairs if the long hightop isn’t your thing. Click here

Folklore Colombian Cafe

Folklore Colombian Cafe is a new cafe located in the historic center of Cartagena near Plaza de la Aduana. Folklore Cafe receives their coffee from four different regions of Colombia and the coffee they serve in the cafe is based on the harvest time in each of these areas. The tastes and flavors vary depending on the time of year and each cup of coffee in Folklore offers a unique experience. Folklore Cafe offers a strong internet connection and spaces to work solo, along with offering in-cafe meeting spaces as well. From the great vibe to the knowledgeable and friendly baristas, you won’t regret your experience at Folklore Colombian Cafe.

Juan Valdez

We know this is a popular option, however we could not keep it out of this guide since it offers a good Colombian coffee and Wifi (except when it is too crowded). Besides different coffee drinks you can also find delicious pastries. There are several Juan Valdez cafés throughout the city. The most popular ones are located in downtown and in Bocagrande. Inside the mall called Plaza Bocagrande you will find many cafés that provide good Wifi and great food and coffee. Our favorite is Crepes and Waffles as the food is delicious and they are happy for you to while away the hours while checking social media or finishing some work. Although many of the cafés within Plaza Bocagrande are chains, we had to mention it as something extra is the exquisite sunset that you can view at a café within. Also there is a small Juan Valdez spot on the third floor.

EXTRA TIP: Coffee Roasting and Tasting at Cafe del Mural Cafe del Mural is a great place to learn more about coffee and the ways it is prepared and consumed all around the world. Colombia is known internationally for growing delicious coffee beans and during your visit to Cartagena, you should plan a mini coffee roasting course and a chance to learn more about coffee, one of the world’s most consumed beverages. Through this experience you will learn about two different coffee roasting methods and you will be able to taste the difference! Click here to find more about this private experience.
What are your favorite cafés? We’d love to try them so contact us with details.

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