Best places to view the sunset in Cartagena

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Before the city nightlife begins, enjoy a moment of total serenity by watching Cartagena’s gorgeous sunset. Get your camera ready and head to these sectors of the city that will provide you with the best spot to watch the sun fall beneath the horizon. We’ve put in the work to find the best spots for you, all you have to do is pick your favourite and enjoy!

The Walls of the Old City

Grab your favourite drink from one of the many street vendors and take a walk on top of the walls to look for a space to sit and enjoy the view. Once you find the perfect spot, you can relax and wait for the show to begin.

Mejores Lugares para ver el atardecer en Cartagena

Plaza Bocagrande

Plaza Bocagrande shopping centre is located at the entrance of the Bocagrande neighbourhood. On the 3rd floor of the centre there are extensive balconies where you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the entire Bocagrande beach, and will be able to watch the sunset without any type of obstruction to your view. Inside the shopping centre there is a Juan Valdez coffee shop and many other food and drink options.

Mejores Lugares para ver el atardecer en Cartagena

Cafe del Mar

A city classic. Your spot in the old city where you will without a doubt have the best view of the sunset. However, while there, we don’t recommend that you eat or drink anything, as the prices are very expensive, and the food is not great.

Mejores Lugares para ver el atardecer en Cartagena

Castillo de San Felipe

If you are scheduled to finish your tour at Castillo de San Felipe at 5pm, you can stay for an hour afterwards and enjoy one of the most complete views of the city, and the bay of Cartagena from on top of the castle.

Mejores Lugares para ver el atardecer en Cartagena

Playa de Castillo Grande Castillo Grande Beach

Castillo Grande beach is one of our favourite spots to enjoy a beach day in the sun. We recommend that you head towards the end of the beach, near the naval club. During the week this part of the beach is pretty quiet. To add an extra bonus to your afternoon on Castillo Grande beach.

You can book a Stand Up Paddle experience here , and try it out as the sun sets.

Mejores Lugares para ver el atardecer en Cartagena


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