Top 5 things to do in the Getsemaní

Top 5 things to do in the Getsemaní

Ruben Sanchez

On the outskirts of the walled city you will find Gesemaní, one of the most popular neighbourhoods of Cartagena de Indias. Thanks to the many hotel, café, nightclub and restaurant options, Getsemaní has become the Cartagena neighbourhood that everyone wants to visit and from which no one wants to leave.

Every year, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists are dazzled by the beauty and history of this vibrant neighborhood. If you plan to visit this part of the city, we recommend these 5 activities in Getsemaní that we’re sure you’ll love and that will give you the opportunity to get an insider’s view on local Colombian culture.

Visit Trinidad Square

It is one of the liveliest squares in the city and is considered the heart of Getsemaní. The streets around the square are always full of people, making it the ideal spot to observe and learn about the local culture. Very close to the square is Tripita y Media, another of the neighbourhood's must-sees. Tripita y Media is famous for its colorful banners, its well-priced restaurants, and the colonial-style houses that line the street.

Things to do in Getsemani

Take a picture on “Umbrella Street”

Getsemaní has many attractions, including restaurants, street art, cultural spaces and renowned streets. One of these streets is “Callejón angosto”, also known as the “little umbrella street”. This corner of Getsemaní is a must for tourists and locals to take a photo with the coloured umbrellas that hang above the narrow street.

Things to do in getsemani

Learn about local coffee culture.

The streets of Getsemaní smell of coffee. If you are a fan of this Colombian drink and want to learn all the secrets that lie behind a good cup of coffee, we recommend you take the roasting course at Café del Mural. Not only will you be able to delight in the delicious flavours and exquisite aromas, you will also learn everything about the process of growing and roasting the product that represents the culture of Colombia.

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Things to do in Getsemani

Enjoy the nightlife in Getsemaní

Getsemaní is a top-notch tourist spot and its nightlife is one of the liveliest in all of Colombia. As soon as night falls, a cosmopolitan vibe falls over the neighbourhood and a multitude of cafes, art galleries, restaurants, bars and clubs invite tourists and locals to enjoy a drink, dance and relax under the warm night breeze.

Things to do in Getsemani

Taste the famous Colombian rum

Did you know that Colombian rums have been rated among the best in the world in various international competitions? If you want to learn the history of this world-renowned drink, we recommend you do a Colombian rum and chocolate tasting.

During this experience, you will taste the best, authentic rum, accompanied by the most delicious handmade chocolates in the country.

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Rum tasting in Getsemani

These are the 5 activities that we recommend you do in Getsemaní. If you visit Cartagena de Indias and are looking for an escape from the huge groups of tourists in the walled city, the bohemian and local lifestyle Getsemaní neighbourhood is the best option for you.

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